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All memberships include an immediate family. SRRGC defines immediate family as an individual and spouse or significant other at least 21 years old. Additional family members can also be included if they are children and/or grandchildren under the age of 21

For membership inquiries or to arrange a tour of the grounds prior to joining, contact our Membership Secretary at:

Memberships run annually from June 1st to May 31st with a renewal period from March 1st - May 31st

  • Annual dues are $150
    • Initiation fee of $100 for all new, non renewing memberships
    • $10 fee required for key fob
    • All members are required to volunteer at least 20 hours per calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 31). A $15.00 charge for every hour not completed will be due at renewal
  • Membership renewals, payments, etc. should be coordinated with the Membership Secretary. Consult the weekly Newsletter or Member's Forum for detailed payment information.

Application for membership shall be made to the Membership Secretary and the Membership Secretary shall bring all applications before the membership at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting.

1.  Membership may be purchased by any upstanding citizen who is at least 21 years old, whose interests are in line with that of the club’s, and who has an existing SRRGC member in good standing to sponsor their application for membership.      a. The Membership Secretary has processes in place for new applicants without knowledge of an existing member.
  b. All new members must attend a new member orientation.
  c. All new members must pass a written exam of the Club’s rules.
  d. All new members must demonstrate proper firearms handling and compliance with the Club’s rules on the range (Live          Fire Exercise)
  e. It shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring existing SRRGC member to ensure that the new member will likely                interact with existing club members appropriately, will act within the Club’s rules, and the sponsoring existing SRRGC          member will be responsible for the new member’s actions for a period of 6 months after the new member attends the          new member orientation.
  f. In the event of a rule infraction, the member (or member and sponsoring member if within the first 6 months of                 membership) will be required to explain the situation that resulted in an infraction before the Safety Committee, Board       of Directors, or both. Most, but not all, infractions will be handled as:
·         A verbal warning and notation in the member’s file
·         A mentoring session with the member (or member and sponsoring member if within the first 6 months of                          membership)
·         Club access suspension until appearing before the Safety Committee, Board of Directors, or both for disciplinary                  action up to termination of membership
  g. Members may be required to pass a refresher exam as a prerequisite of membership renewal.

  h. Membership renewal requires a minimum of 20 work hours be documented annually
          i.      Work hours are recorded by calendar year (January 1st to December 31st).
          ii.     Work hours may be waived by action of the President or Board of Directors only.
2. SRRGC reserves the right to deny, suspend, or revoke an individual’s membership if that individual is found to be
                     dishonorable, non-law-abiding, or having violated the Club’s rules. All actions under this rule will be held in open meeting(s) with             timely notice given unless waived or requested by the individual member.

3. Memberships include all members of an immediate family.
     a. SRRGC defines immediate family as an individual and spouse/significant other at least 21 years old.
     b. Additional family members are included if they are children and/or grandchildren under the age of 21 or those that             are full time students.
4. All memberships run from June 1st to May 31st with the renewal period beginning March 1st.
5. The initiation fee of $100.00 is not refundable.
6. There is a $10 one-time fee to provide the member with an electronic key fob and is due every time a member is issued      a new key fob.
7. Refunds of membership and key fob fees will not be made after attendance of the new member orientation or the issuance of the current year’s membership badge/decal.
8. A reactivation fee of $100.00 will be charged if renewal payment is made after May 31st.
9. A $15.00 charge for every work hour (under the required 20 hours) not completed at time of renewal will be added to          the member’s annual fees.

A Member may voluntarily withdraw from SRRGC at any time by serving written notice to the Board of Directors or to the Secretary. Any dues or fees paid by a withdrawing Member shall be non-refundable.

Renouncing United States Citizenship shall be considered resignation from the club, and the membership shall be handled as a Terminated Membership.

A change in status, including a criminal or other conviction that renders the member unable to legally possess firearms or archery equipment shall be deemed as sufficient cause for termination of that individual’s membership.

    Nonmembers are welcome during “open events” without a host member or fee

    Bring the filled-out application, along with the signature of an existing member that is sponsoring you, to the next scheduled Membership meeting to begin the process of joining the Club. We would love to welcome you to the Schultz family.

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