Vintage rifle club is open to club members and the shooting public. Each meeting has a specific topic or theme related to vintage firearms.

January's topic is Swedish arms. The meeting starts at noon on October 31st in the clubhouse.

Each meeting starts with a classroom portion where a discussion is lead about the history, production, and use of the firearms in question during war time. Then there is a show-and-tell portion about each of the firearms present. The classroom portion is followed with range time proving the opportunity for all attendees to shoot. You do not need to bring a firearm to participate, but we encourage you to bring anything that might be related.

These events have a $5 fee for the classroom portion. Any non SRRGC member who participates in the range time portion will require an additional $10 range fee.

Please note that all SRRGC range and safety rules apply. All firearms must remain unloaded and cased until instructed by a range officer (no show and tell in parking lot). Eye and ear protection is required for the range time portion.

This event is very friendly to new and/or younger shooters. There will always be .22 trainers available for new or younger participants.

For more information contact John "The Mauser Man" at 414-305-4455.