Patterning board frames are available from at the 30 & 50 yard distances. These can only be utilized from lane 1 (leftmost lane) on the Rifle/Pistol Range.

  • These frames are NOT to be moved from their locations:
    • The 30 yard frame is located along the left berm directly downrange from lane 1 and should be pivoted out into the line of fire only when in use.
    • The 50 yard frame is located in front of the 50 yard berm just to the right of the target carrier. Note that this requires you to shoot from lane 1, aiming about 20-30 degrees to the right. 
  • Shooters must provide cardboard targets for use with the carriers and adhere to all rifle/pistol bar policies.
  • This is the only time shotgun loads (up to BB) can be used on the rifle/pistol range. Buck shot of any size is strictly prohibited.