SRRGC hosts Open Trap (open to anyone in the community) on Tuesday nights from late March through October. The range will be open from 5:00pm to 8:00pm (weather and demand permitting). Additionally, the trap ranges can be rented for special events. For more details, contact Lee Luedke at or (262) 679-7781

Trap Policies:

  • Prepayment of $6 fee per round required
  • No guest fee or sign in required unless nonmembers utilize other ranges
  • Uncase shotgun at vehicle and leave action open when carrying it to/from the range
  • The Trap Puller is responsible for range activities
    • Their directives must be followed at all times
  • Only shotgun loads of 7 ½ - 9 are allowed
  • Safety and courtesy is required at all times:
    • Only one loaded gun on the range at a time
      • Never load gun before changing stations
      • Do not close the action of your gun until shooter ahead of you has fired
    • Shooters and work team members are the only ones allowed on the shooting field
    • When cone/flag is on top of house, all guns must be unloaded with actions open
    • If your gun malfunctions, keep it pointed down range 
    • Remain at your station until the last shooter has fired 
    • Silence cell phones while on the range