Saturday, September 7th, 2019 from 9 am to 4 pm

Women On Target® is an introductory program, designed for women only, sponsored by the NRA. No previous experience with firearms is necessary, no equipment other than weather appropriate clothing, a good mood, and the openness to learn new skills (or to polish up old skills) is needed. Eye protection, ear protection, guns and ammunition, targets, etc. will be provided by the club, including lunch and refreshments during the day! The goal is to make women familiar with all types of firearms, in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

This clinic lasts all day. The morning starts with registration and orientation, followed by a classroom lesson on NRA’s gun safety rules and the basics about how to safely and effectively use different types of firearms including topics such as loading/unloading, grip, eye dominance and aiming. Then we head out to the range and separate into groups which will circle through the multiple stations to try different firearms. Safety is the highest priority, so besides the fundamental classroom orientation in the morning.

We will also maintain a 1:1 shooter/instructor ratio at each station. The instructors are not “drill sergeants”, they are there to maintain safety, teach basic recreational shooting skills, and help the participants have fun. We will also have additional Range Safety Officers at each station as well as a Chief Range Security Officer overseeing the entire event.

All participants will rotate to each of the following stations, spending 45 min at each one. You can choose to shoot or observe at any/all of the stations:

  • Rifle station- You can shoot different calibers and kind of rifles, ranging from a low recoil .22LR up to the more powerful .223 or .308 Winchester. Targets will be set at distances between 15 and 100 yards. 
  • Handgun station- You can shoot different calibers and kind of handguns, ranging from a low recoil .22LR up to the more powerful 9mm or .45. Target Targets will be set at distances between 10 and 25 yards.
  • Shotgun station- You can shoot different gauges and types of shotguns as you attempt to shoot trap (flying clay pigeon)
  • Archery- You can shoot different kinds of bows, ranging from a traditional re-curve to modern compound bows.

After the groups have circled through all stations, certificates and goodie bags will be handed out along with a final discussion. The stations will remain open if any participants would like to go back and try them again.

This event costs $65 and is typically held only once each year. It will utilize most of the shooting ranges on the club grounds with registration and classroom time being held in the clubhouse.

For more information, please contact Bob Klamut at 414-545-2805 or

To register, you can download and complete the Registration form, and mail it to Bob Klamut, S94W23125 River Oaks Dr. Big Bend WI 53103.

Preregistration for this event is mandatory