This course is designed to be a written and skills test to qualify members to shoot "Action Pistol" style in the pistol bays. SRRGC defines "Action Pistol" as drawing from a holster or moving while shooting. Shooting "Action Pistol" style is only allowed by members who have been approved by the board based on their qualifications/experience and is represented by a pink sticker that is added to a membership badge. A pink sticker will be award upon successfully passing all aspects of this course.

The first portion of the course consists of lecture where the safety guidelines are covered. Then, participants will have to successfully demonstrate hands on skills with a plastic training gun, before going to the pistol bays to shoot a live course. The shooting course will require successfully and safely drawing from a holster to fire, moving and reloading to fire again, then unloading and re-holstering. All participants will be evaluated on both written and skills and must pass both in order to pass the course.

Please note, this is not a workshop or training and is not intended for beginners. 

Participants must bring a handgun (any type) along with a holster that covers the trigger guard and at least 20 rounds of ammunition with at least one additional magazine/reloader.

This course is typically offered once or twice a year based on demand. If you are interested, please contact