Schultz’s has partnered with five area recreation departments: Muskego, Greendale, Greenfield, Franklin, New Berlin and Oak Creek to offer an Archery class.  The class is set up to so that someone with absolutely no archery experience or an experienced archer can learn and improve their archery skills.  The course is for students from ages 8  to adult of all skill levels.  We frequently have parents & children or grandparents & grandchildren take the class together.

We offer two Archery classes every year.  The spring Archery class usually runs the 5 weeks prior to Memorial  Day and the Fall Archery class runs the 5 weeks prior to Labor Day.  The classes are normally on Wednesdays from 5:00 – 7:00.  Each class consists of five sessions that include classroom instruction and hands on archery practice.  Students can bring their own equipment or they can rent our Matthews Genesis bows.  The class covers safety, proper shooting form and gives the student a solid introduction to Archery.  We have had experienced archers take the class who have been shooting for many years that learned something new and were able to improve their archery skills.  We start shooting at the practice ranges which are bullseye targets.  After the second week we allow the students to shoot our 14 station archery course which consists of stations located along a wooded path on the property.  The targets on the course consist of picture animal targets and 3D deer targets.

The next archery classes are scheduled for 8/2/17, 8/9/17, 8/16/17, 8/23/17 and 8/30/17. We start the classroom, equipment setup, and student sign up at approximately 4:15 PM.