SRRGC has a 14 station archery course through the woods along with two sandpit target stations. Broadheads must be used on all stations except for the two sandpit target stations

Range hours are daylight hours, 7 days a week

  • Except during trap shooting activities

Firearms and air guns are prohibited on the archery range, crossbows are only allowed on the crossbow target

NO ONE SHOOTS ALONE except on station 1 and 2

  • Another person age 12 or older must be with you to be considered not alone
  • Standard guest fees and policies apply

Shoot only from the designated shooting lane and only toward the target

  • Any distance within the lane is allowed

No arrow is to be nocked:

  • While anyone is down range or while bow is pointed in any direction other than down range

“Over bowing” is not allowed, arrow must always remain pointed down range including during the draw

When retrieving arrows or searching for lost arrows:

  • Leave your bow in front of the target stand OR have someone stand in front of the target